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Links to Bird and Conservation Related Sites

Keep up with the Crows in Lawrence, MA: 

A fun new website focused on all kinds of aspects of this fascinating and clever bird, roosting in great numbers in the Merrimac area.

The Betty Petersen Fund for Conservation

BirdsCaribbean, the international network committed to conservation of the region’s birds, is thrilled to launch the Betty Petersen Conservation Fund to advance the conservation status of birds and habitats in the Caribbean region. The Fund provides competitive grants to groups or individuals who will engage and empower communities and stakeholders to both protect and sustainably benefit from their birds. The Fund and its grants will be administered by a designated advisory group within BirdsCaribbean.

Betty Petersen (1943-2013), a lifelong resident of Massachusetts and one of the driving forces of the SSBC, was, in her own way, a wizard. With nothing more than donated birding equipment, books, and a bit of cash, she turned local communities and school kids into committed conservationists, struggling NGOs into recognized players on the inter-American scene, and “paper parks” into real protected areas. And in the process she reminded us how rewarding it is to lend a hand when none is expected.

We would love to continue to honor Betty's memory by encouraging donations to the Betty Petersen Fund for Conservation

Museum of American Bird Art at Mass Audubon

The Museum of American Bird Art at Mass Audubon (MABA) is a professional art museum within New England’s largest conservation organization, connecting people and nature through art. It is located at: 963 Washington Street, Canton, MA, 02021

Birds & Beans Coffee

Most of the coffee sold in America today is literally killing the songbirds we love – and destroying a sustainable method of family farming that supports rural communities in Latin America and keeps farm workers and their children away from toxic chemicals. The only way you can be certain that the coffee in your cup is Bird Friendly® is if the Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center seal is on the bag! BeCertain,BuyCertfied.® 

Dr. Bridget Stutchbury, author of ‘Silence of the Songbirds’, Yale PhD and Professor at York University, says the most important single step an individual can do to help stop migratory songbird population loss is to always buy certified Bird Friendly® coffee. 
Tropical habitat destruction is one of today’s biggest threats to Neotropical migrants  

Bird Observer; The Birding Journal for New England

Migration Productions
Migration Productions is a team of audio-visual specialists brought together to create the highest quality media about birds, bird watchers (or “Birders”) and other natural history topics. Our member Shawn Carey shares his observations on this blog.

A Symphony of Feathers

Wanderings and rambles in the company of birds.
A fun blog of a fellow birder.

This tip comes from The Bird Watching Club of Arizona

Building Birdhouses with Materials at Home

Fancy a fun project with your children or grandchildren? Consider building a bird house with materials you probably have at home.

Remember if you provide food or housing for birds you need to keep the house and/or feeder clean! Feeders need to be cleaned every two weeks, bird houses should be monitored and cleaned out at the end of nesting season.

Never allow invasive House Sparrows to nest in nesting boxes provided, make sure to monitor man made structures around your house

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